Bulk Delivery of Indizel We're the Only Company Which has been exumpted from requirement of authorization / permission for marketing indizel(biofuel). Become a distributor Buy now Enjoy ultra-premium diesel at your own premise with Indizel AOD.

Get Indizel fuel for Diesel Engine, from our onsite fuel delivery people.

Mee Specialize in Indizel fuel to a wide range of customers. We offer bulk Indizel delivery to farms, Bus Stations, Truck Depots, Farms, Civil Contractors, Transport Companies, Railways, rural contractors, civil contractors, mines, quarries, factories, transport companies and even large ports. If you want the convenience of onsite fuel delivery, and a reliable supplier to safeguard your productivity, Inquire.

Convenient Onsite Fuel Delivery

  • Bulk Indizel delivery, fuel orders can be placed by phone, fax, email or from this website or App.
  • Bulk Indizel delivery in most currently servicable states & Disctricts. occurs between 3 to 4 working days (in some remote locations delivery may take longer, and we'll advise an ETA) minimum quantitiy is always apply. Orders/Dilevery
  • Indizel delivery service is backed up by a well-co-ordinated order management system where we manage all aspects of our customers' requirements – from order placement through to bulk indizel delivery into your storage fuel tank. We also provide fuel tank storage solutions if requried by you. “Add Fuel Storage Tab”

Fuel Types

Petroleum’s modern fleet of tankers at any one time can be delivering multiple grades of fuel. We deliver the following fuels by bulk delivery:

  • Indiesel - nationwide
  • Indizel Premium & Indizel Super Premium Image
  • Kindly Inquire for your area deliverabaly

Fuel Storage Tanks / AOD Tanks

Tailored Advice to Find, Fill & Maintain Indizel Storage Tanks

Advice and management for commercial, industrial, office and farm fuel storage tanks & dispensing systems. Well-maintained fuel storage tanks ensure fuel quality is not compromised by a poor storage environment. Establish effective storage, dispensing, and fuel management solutions for your business with My Eco Energy, who can help you source & maintain reliable fuel tanks. My Eco Energy works with a variety of manufacturers who produce both stationary and trailer-mounted fuel storage tanks to suit a range of workplaces and applications. We also have specialist installation partners.

Your relationship manager or online tools will guide you to find optimal fuel storage tanks for your business and can also provide advice and pricing. For more advice on the types of fuel storage tanks available, or if you are considering a tank upgrade, please get in touch with us.

Maintaining Fuel Quality

Modern diesel engines are more sensitive to any change in fuel condition. It is important that our customers understand they have a role to play in preserving the quality of the fuel delivered, so as to avoid potential engine repair.

For advice on avoiding water and other contaminants like diesel bug (fungi, moulds & bacteria) in your business or farm fuel tanks, request for our storage housekeeping guide or contact your relationship manager on maintaining fuel tanks.

Available On Demand

The fuelling experience at fuel stations in India has been always been a pain point for bulk customers (fleet owners, construction equipment owners, agriculture and farm machinery owners etc). A normal day in a fuel station entails long queues, fuel adulteration and poor handling by operators, leading to increased driver downtime, which in turn, increases operating costs, thus impacting productivity. The way we fuel our vehicles hasn't changed in years.

  • Long queues
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Pilferages & leakages
  • Lack of accountability
  • Lack of experience
  • Nil economic benefits

The way we fuel our vehicles hasn't changed in years. Everyone hates having to stop for fuelling, especially during business hours.

Presenting AOD, a service that supplies fuel on-site with an assurance of quality & convenience, anytime, anywhere.

Available On Demand (AOD), a solution from My Eco Energy, installs an indizel dispensing outlet right at the premise of any user who needs a constant fuel supply for their own consumption. With the on-premise delivery of fuel, AOD saves the time and money spent in travelling to diesel pumps, and also gives full fuel control and accountability to the user.

How does AOD benefit your world?

Saves time & effort
AOD delivers Indizel at your doorstep, thus ensuring you don't have to travel & wait in long queues for fuelling at fuel stations.
Zero fuel loss
Fuelling occurs at your location, ensuring easy monitoring of usage, thus preventing any losses due to leakages or pilferages.
Ultra-premium fuel, bulk-delivered to your doorstep
AOD makes re-fuelling available to you anytime, at your choice of location.
Complete control & accountability
On-site storage and dispensing that ensure complete control of the inventory and fuel transactions.

Who is AOD for?

AOD is beneficial for any user who has a bulk fuel requirement for self-consumption.

M.S. tank Gauging system Portable dispenser unit Portable tank

AOD storage solutions

If you're interested in building on-site fuelling systems, we provide commercial grade fuel tanks, dispensers, tank gauging apparatus and other equipment as per your needs.

Fuel Tanks

We provide bulk fuel tanks for the self-consumption of fuel at your own premises. They are fully compliant with the indian standards of IS 10987 and are available in sizes to suit your specific needs. The capacities of our fuel tanks range between 1 kl-45 kl.

Dispenser units

AOD provides dispensing solutions to you as per the tankage size. You can choose between portable and regular sized dispenser units with single and double nozzles.

Tank gauging apparatus

All our tanks are provided with high precision magnetic probes, as per the tankage size.

How does AOD work?

You can place an AOD order on the MEE mobile app or the MEE website. AOD orders can be placed in the following quantities: multiples of 500 Litres, 2 kl, 5 kl, 20 kl, 25 kl & 30 kl.
Payment for your order can be made through the MEE wallet app via money transfer. All AOD supplies are prepaid and orders will be effected only on the receipt of 100% payment.
Delivery timelines:
On-site fuel delivery in most location typically occurs between 4 to 5 working days (In some remote locations, delivery may take longer).
In case your business requires fuel storage and dispensing solutions, we can provide you the time.
Storage of indizel for self-consumption doesn't require licenses/approvals, as it is not defined as a petroleum products under existing petroleum laws (Petroleum Rules, 2002).

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