A giant leap to a sustainable future.

We're the Only Company Which has been exempted from requirement of authorization / permission for marketing Indizel (Renewable Diesel)(biofuel). My Eco Energy is constantly creating renewable fuel solutions and green energy innovations to create a happier, clearer, brighter India. The company is dedicated to the mission of sustainable development to deliver a powerful green fuel experience across the country.

My Eco Energy's flagship brand 'Indizel (Renewable Diesel)' is one of the world's most advanced fuels and a true alternative to diesel. Indizel (Renewable Diesel), allows MEE to offer an ultra-premium, low-emission fuel which is compatible with all diesel engines. Indizel (Renewable Diesel) is recognised as a drop-in fuel as per National Policy on Biofuels, 2018 and is manufactured, processed and tested.

MEE is driven by three underlying values that guide its actionsas individuals and as a corporation:

Social Responsibility
Value Creation
Maverick Spirit
Indizel (Renewable Diesel). India's best automotive diesel, ever.

Indizel (Renewable Diesel) is an automotive diesel made from non-fossil sources which meets the automotive diesel fuel standards of BIS:1460 (Indian) and EN590:2013 (European), which are also the recommended standards by all automotive manufactures for usage of fuel in their vehicles.

Drive better. Breathe cleaner.

Indizel (Renewable Diesel) fulfils both Euro 6 and BS VI emission norms and outperforms both conventional biodiesel (FAME) and even conventional fossil diesel in terms of engine performance and environmental impact, thus paving the way for a cleaner, greener, happier India.

Join the Indizel (Renewable Diesel) revolution.
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