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MEE Company's Own Fuel Stations provide a fully automated fuelling experience and hence delight the customer in every possible way.

MEE fuelling advantage

End-to-end automation

Every drop filled & accounted for, complete automation from refinery to the fuel tank.

Quantity assurance

No need to see '0' before fuelling. User controls the fuelling through MEE Wallet App.

Quality assurance

Since the entire process is automated, any attempt in adulteration is tracked and alerted immediately.

Personalised service

Priority Services which is unique, because of CIS (Customer Identification System) and Automation.

Loyalty and amenities

Rewards users as per their consumption, provides priority to high volume users. Multiple amenities for customer convenience.

User control

User can track the billing and usage on the phone, eradicating the filler – driver syndicate.

MEE's path-breaking fuel stations operate with latest in cutting-edge technology. Each CIS (Customer identification system) and VIS (Vehicle identification system) fuel station is designed to provide superior service and operational efficiency.


CIS and VIS enabled fuel stations do everything from recognising registered vehicles to gauging fuel requirements and processing transactions.


Offers real time updates to both customers and retailers, providing complete control over the fuelling process.


Automation based system transfers data and consumption analysis of registered vehicles to the user.


MEE Company's Own Fuel Stations offer end-to-end transactions carried out via the MEE Wallet/card, which automatically processes payments from the user's account.

Challenges customers face at other fuel stations:

Inferior Quality

11% of diesel consumed in India is adulterated. With almost zero quality control and manual fuelling there is no assurance of fuel quality in any fuel station.

Lack of Accountability

Manual billing increases possibility of cheating and encourages the driver-filler cheating nexus and bill forging.

No track of spends

No mechanism to track spends, maintain accounts and invoices.

Zero personalisation / Loyalty benefits

No customer delight or priority & loyalty benefits. Large consumers are treated similar to others.

Fuelling has always been a zero frills industry with near to nil benefits, be it monetary or experiential. With its inferior performance and state set prices, a user of diesel most of the time gets less value of what they usually pay for. With MEE Company's Own Fuel Stations, users get

GST benefit: Priced at normal diesel rates, Indizel comes with a input credit eligible registered customers.

Ultra-Premium Diesel at Standard Market Rates

Better value per Litre: Indizel lowers your maintainence cost and gives 25% better mileage.

Example of savings:

An average inter-state truck driver fuels around 3000 (250 litres x 12 times) litres per month. With Indizel, he will get a direct benefit of GST as per compliance, saving Rs.8 to 9 per litre

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