Enjoy a fuel station with effortless payment solutions
MEE Wallet - A convenient, easy and secure payment method for fuelling at MEE Fuel stations.

What is MEE Wallet?

MEE Wallet is a cashless transaction system through which you can

Pay for fuel at MEE fuel stations
Track your fuel spends
Enjoy special loyalty rewards for fuelling at MEE fuel stations
Share your feedback
What can you do with MEE Wallet?

Fuel at any MEE Fuel station across India with MEE Wallet.

Have a complete control on your fuel, because the fuel pump's nozzle will start fuelling only after you input your desired fuel quantity and pay for the same (through MEE Wallet).

Maintain all your generated digital invoices and transaction history.

What are the unique features of MEE Wallet?

Cashless fuel transaction at MEE fuel stations
Fuel transaction history for your registered vehicles
Loyalty reward program (to be announced soon)
Customer identification
Seamless transfer of funds
How do you use MEE Wallet?
  • Download the MEE Wallet App (from Google Playstore or Apple App Store).
  • Register and login using your generated m-pin.
  • Load money in your MEE Wallet.
  • Scan QR code at the fuel station.
  • Input your required fuel quantity.
  • Get your required fuel at the fuel station.
Developed by PM Communications
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